(During or after exams, we offer guided visits)

December 15, February 16, May 4, June 21 and July 27. 


 (We are at accommodation stand at Central Building UNAV).

November 10 and April 6.


Please, make an appointment for your visit. 


  1. Fill the application form and send it. 
  2. Arrange a visit (in person or via Skype).
  3. Make the decisión of living here and inform the residence. 
  4. Schedule an interview (in person or via Skype).
  5. Pay the reservation fee. 
  6. Send the documents before the course begins. 


Download the application form and send it to: 


Will you study in Pamplona? 

Are you looking for accommodation? 

COSTS (2019 / 2020)

The payment corresponding to the pension, including VAT, is:
Place allocation (non-refundable):

  • Place reservation (non - refundable):
    • 375€ new students.
    • 325€ 2nd year residences.
    • 275€ 3er year residences and up.
  • Fee in single room  (per per academic course): 6660€)
    • International students can pay in two ways:
      Paying all the money at the beginning of the course or in two installments.
  • Temporary stay. Possibility of staying in the Colegio Mayor during shorter stays or single days (consult the price).


  • The course payment covers the dates between September 1 and May 18, according to academic calendar, divided into 9 equal installments.
  • Once the place is granted, the reservation will be paid by bank transfer within a period of 7 days. 
  • As a guarantee, in the third week of August, monthly payments for April and May will be paid by bank transfer.
  • The place that stops occupying throughout the course, for whatever reason, must be paid in full.
  • It is not included, in the price indicated above, the stay outside that period, likewise, there will be no discount: absences in the center, holiday periods for Christmas and Easter, the stay after May 18 (for students of the UNAV), delays in the incorporation, voluntary abandonment, disciplinary expulsion, delayed start or anticipated completion of the clases.
  • At the time of exams in June, the residences will be able to stay in Colegio Mayor, paying the amount of 35€ / day of occupied room or an ordinary monthly payment.
  • If resiences causes damage to furniture or facilities, beyond those caused by ordinary use, these will be charged to your account and assessed at the time of renewal of place for the next course.
  • Each residences is responsible for the conservation and cleaning of her room. At your departure from the Colegio Mayor, the room should be in a good state of cleanliness. Otherwise, a cleaning fee will be charged.

(*) These general conditions are subject to personalization, depending on circumstances that parents or guardians need to expose. 

(**) The payment system for international students requires contact with administration (

With the sending and receiving of the letter of admission and the copy of the direct debit, all the economic conditions that are detailed here. 

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