Our history 

Compañía de María, through its student residences, develops its activity in five Spanish cities: Barcelona, Granada, Pamplona, San Sebastián y Valladolid.

In this case, CM Roncesvalles, located in Pamplona and attached to University of Navarra, offers young female students a reach educational trajectory, providing specialized services that support their personal and profesional process.

It strives to créate a good environment. Through its educational Project, CM Roncesvalles monitors each of its students and establishes familiar realationships with.

More than 50 years of experience serving the university youth, its best guarantee.


To foffer a Christian education tan influences the individual formation and the society transformation.

Because you are student,

we collaborate with your personal and professional training.



As a consistent atitude regarding the obligations, as integrity and honesty.


As a correct development of differentes processes and a use of necessary recources in order to achive objectives.


Pilar Vera


Saioa Villar

Educational guide.

Ana Amillano

General services administration.

Loli Sánchez


Belén Gorritxo


Felisa Rueda

General Services.

Juan Fernández


Comission leaders

Student Government

  • Celia Nieto, 3rd BIOCHEMISTRY STUDENT.
  • Claudia Franco, 2nd DESIGN STUDENT. 

  • Olga Sarrión, 1st BIOCHEMISTRY STUDENT.

  • Esther Fernández, 1st BIOCHEMISTRY STUDENT.

Comission leaders

  • Pastoral: Estefanía Cudeiro (2nd PHARMACY AND NUTRITION), Isabel Blanco (2nd MEDICINE) and Carmen Rodríguez (1st NURSING).
  • SocioCulutral: Lara García (1st MEDICINE) and Daniela Franco (1st ADE).

  • Sports: Amparo Hernández (1st MEDICINE IP) and Irene Antón (1st PEDAGOGY).

  • Festivals: Marina Martínez (2nd ISSA), Sara Popa (2nd ADE) and Paula Salas (1st RIGHT).


  • 1st Floor: Elisa Sáenz, 3rd PHARMACY AND NUTRITION.
  • 2nd Floor: Lali González, 1st RRII and RIGHT.

  • 3rd Floor: Lucía Montón, 2nd RRII.


  • MEDICINE:  Marie Toxe and Isabel Blanco.
  • BIOCHEMISTRY: Celia Nieto, Ana Lucía Matamoros, Claudia López and Ana Rodríguez.

  • PHARMACY AND NUTRITION: Elisa Sáenz and Estefanía Cudeiro.

  • BIOLOGY: Elena Lauroba.

Because you are female, we take care of you.