Full board

Except Saturday and Sunday diners (no available service).

52Individual Rooms (2 doubles)

News and exterior rooms with all wc.

Accommodation for days.

Stay here temporarily.


Good connections to the rest of the city.


Open at 07:00. Close at 00:00. Thursday open at 02:00. Friday and Saturday open every hour o'clock.


All the áreas are provided with wifi with individual keys.

Cleaning services

Cleaning of bathrooms and common areas. It also includes washing towels and sheets weekly. 

Self Service Laundry

Washers and dryers (extra cost).

Educational Guidance

From a psychological, pedagogical perspective, academic, professional and personal guidance. 

Academic Certification

UNAV and Ronces credits.

Mentor Program

Study help provided by other residents.


Volunteer activities, workshops, interactive parties...

Special menu

Menu can be altered to fit resident needs.

TakeAway option

Access to take away food.

Common kitchen

Sandwich maker, fridge, microwave oven...

Health care services

The nearest medical centre 5 minutes walking.


Christian formation.

Assembly Hall

Conferences, talks, cinema...


Books borrowing and study area.

Study rooms

Places to study individually or in groups.

Leisure Rooms

Tv, music, art, sports, computer… rooms.

Coping services delivering of packages

At secretary.

Vending service

Vending machines with food and drinks.

Bicycle parking

Park your bike safely.